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Roni is a guest teacher visiting all the way from Jerusalem, Israel! Some of us met Roni in Thailand at Pichet’s in 2018, and ran into her again in 2023. It seems like time to host her, so we made it happen!

From Roni: I am a Shiatsu and Thai therapist by training, a student of Pichet Boonthumme, David Lut and Chris McAllister among other teachers. Throughout the years I have incorporated techniques such as Osteothai and fascia work into my toolbox.

I have been teaching Thai Massage (traditional and medical), Shiatsu and their interfacing techniques since 2005.

Between the years 2008-2017 I was involved with The Yuri Shtern Holistic Care Center for People Dealing with Cancer in Jerusalem, as a therapist, a teacher and as the managing director of the charity.

During this time I developed the Center’s training program for therapists who practice various disciplines to create a baseline therapeutic form. These are evidence based techniques practiced at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (NYC) and Sha’arei Zedek Medical Center (Jerusalem).

Oncology led me to further investigation of the physical manifestation of trauma and exploration of the healing effect of trauma informed touch.

I have been teaching Touch Therapy techniques for cancer and trauma patients since 2010.

There is grace and challenge in being a therapist in an environment of life-threatening illness, trauma and post-trauma. Being a therapist in the oncology and trauma environment has opened, widened, deepened and evolved my practice. As a firm believer in integration, re-evaluation and incorporation of western and eastern medicine, I feel privileged to be a small part in the advancement of integrative medicine.

What I learn from my oncology and trauma patients is relevant to all of us, and these insights become meshed in my practice as my understanding of working with trauma evolves. I offer a nonverbal therapeutic option of trauma informed touch focused on the greatly effective power of gentle, attentive, educated touch and massage.

My vision and mission is to further advance integrated palliative care, to make it available and accessible, to advance the understanding that treatment should be tailored to meet the holistic needs of each patient and to teach touch therapy techniques to as many therapists as possible in as many places as I can.

I am also a sailor, I love exploring, hiking, I enjoy music and watching Roger Federer play Tennis.

Roni Gilboa

Roni Gilboa


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