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Jamie found yoga in the midst of fatherhood in 1998, continued to commit to those seeking sobriety. He eventually became a Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapist and yoga teacher when his kids became more independent, and he had the time for deeper self-discovery.

Most of Jamie’s life has been dedicated to service and recovery – and when he discovered Thai Massage, this alignment to serve met his passion. He was a single dad raising two kids. And now he’s a bodyworker. Jamie is also a United States Army veteran, and has been in Alcohol Addiction Recovery for 25 plus years.

In 2017 his calling to Thai Yoga Bodywork presented, and he became a dedicated student of Thai Yoga Bodywork under the guidance of Tanya Boigenzahn at Devanadi Yoga School in Minneapolis. When a door opened, he walked through it. And what a journey it has been. In 2018 Jamie traveled to Thailand and studied massage with Ajahn Pichest Boonthamme. Having worked at yoga conferences, neighborhood markets, yoga and fitness studios, and Jamie is dedicated to creating safe space for healing for all.

In November 2018 Jamie continued his studies in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with Master Ajahn Pichest. He continues to study and refine his therapeutic style, and also offers Thai Herbal Compress Therapy.

Jamie is an Army veteran and is in recovery.  He puts his experience and training to work by helping others live their best lives. Jamie has found that Thai Yoga Bodywork can assist people with physical or emotional injuries and can support those going through recovery, starting new life patterns, and healing from trauma.

Jamie Reinbold

Jamie Reinbold



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