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Bob began his first studies in Thai therapy in 1999, after other careers as a language teacher, musician, and world music producer. He was gradually drawn into the depths of Thai healing arts as he studied with a variety of teachers.

In his study and work in traditional Thai therapies, Bob has learned that nuad boran is inextricably connected to Buddhist healing traditions and Thai spiritual and cultural values, and that to practice it outside of these contexts, as a mechanical form of body therapy and assisted yoga, generally results in reduced healing effects.

Bob has studied with many teachers over the years, but he has been most influenced by  Ajahn Pichest Boonthumme, with whom he has studied for many years, and by the late Asokonanda (Harald Brust). He has also studied with Chongkol Setthakorn at ITM School; at Nerve Touch, Lanna Thai School and the Old Medicine Hospital; and with Pikul Termyod, Nit Chaimongkon; Lek Chaiya; Pojanart (Jack) Paenthai; Ajahn Sinchai Sukparset, and several important Western teachers.

In 2005 he founded Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI), a non-profit network of professionals who aspire to basic standards of study and practice of traditional Thai healing arts. Bob is an author, and he gives presentations on Thai healing arts to students and to the general public. He is passionate about working within traditional Thai guidelines, and he integrates Thai medicinal herbs and herbal compress therapy into his work with clients and students. Bob teaches courses and workshops in the USA, the Americas, Europe, and in Thailand.

His books, Thai Massage & Thai Healing Arts, and The Art of Thai Massage: A Guide for Advanced Therapeutic Practice are resources for all Thai Therapy enthusiasts.

Bob Haddad

Bob Haddad




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