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Greeting clients! A couples months ago, I, and my students, just returned from another trip to Thailand to study with my amazing and gifted teacher, Master Pichest. This time our focus was on healing tension in the legs, lower back and shoulders/neck. I hope to help YOU overcome any physical and energetic obstacles with this new work. Please contact me directly to set up an appointment. Sawatdee ka ~ Tanya

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blank 612-816-YOGA or

$85/hr - 60 min, 75 min, 90 min and 120 min available
Package discounts also available

Thai Yoga Bodywork is located along with:
Devanadi Yoga Studio - see website
4401 Upton Ave S | MPLS, MN 55410
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Appointments: 612-816-YOGA (9642)

Thai Yoga Bodywork
Therapists: Tanya Boigenzahn Sowards, RTT, E-RYT 500, CHTP & Reiki Master
, Katie Daniels, RTT, and Dale Jones, RTT, and Pete Loeffler, RTT, RYT-200

Based on the northern style of traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Boran), Thai Yoga Bodywork is a sacred healing treatment that integrates Yoga, Ayurveda (the Indian healing method that means "science of life"), and Buddhism. The first roots of this ancient system date back to over 2,500 years ago at the time of Buddha. Unique from other types of bodywork and massage, Thai Yoga Bodywork is also a form of Yoga Therapy that combines rhythmic massage, assisted Yoga poses, acupressure along energy meridians know as the "Sen," healing energy work, and meditation.

This clothes-on, one-on-one therapeutic session aims at stimulating the flow of healing energies within the body, opening the areas which are blocked and bringing the body, mind and spirit back into balance and harmony. Whether you have a yoga practice or not, this healing therapy will leave you feeling refreshed, rested, and alive. Our practitioners specialize in MS, fertility issues, fibromyalgia, neck/back pain, and more. We work with pre/postnatal women and highly recommend this work during that time, and specialize in combo work with Energy Work. This transformative therapy works with the body directly in the Thai Yoga portion, and infused an even deeper sense of calm, grounding, and ease upon completion with the Energy Work. Great for people with chronic issues that never seem to heal, or try it as a way shed old patterns in body, mind and spirit.

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Other Thai Yoga Bodywork Offerings: cost same as above unless noted

NEW! Thai Yoga Bodywork w/ Thai Herbal Compress
Add $10 extra to $85/hr price for compress.
Therapists: Dale Jones, RTT
In December, Dale Jones, RTT joined the team of therapists at the Devanadi Yoga Wellness Space. As an option during Dale’s Thai Yoga Bodywork sessions, he uses an exotic organic blend of healing herbs prepared in his own hand-made herbal compress. The combination of aromatherapy and the hot herbal compress applied to the body helps relieve stress and inflammation to steam away your aches and pains. In Thailand, this therapy is called "luk pra kob," and is considered part of the ancient Thai Healing Arts.

Dale hand makes each herbal compress based on recipes from his teachers, and chooses ingredients that are basically non-staining, though it is recommended you wear loose comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting compress work in. To continue the healing process, clients may take home the compress to use as an herbal bath infusion. In January 2012, Dale studied abroad in Thailand with a variety of Thai masters.
Watch Dale’s Herbal Compress Video by clicking here.

Thai Pre/Postnatal - recommended length: 60-75 min for all stages of pregnancy or 60-120 min post-pregnancy. Energy work is highly recommended as an add-on. Available with all Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapists
Prenatal Sessions: Treat your mama right! As above but we'll work specifically with a pregnant woman's aches and pains (i.e. sciatic, low and mid back issues) while restoring a sense of rest and well being. Propped up on pillows and bolsters, or laying on her side, we'll work the feet, legs, hips, back, shoulders and neck in a nurturing way to support this time in her life. Sessions can also help initiate labor (38 weeks and up only) with specific acupressure techniques .
Postnatal Sessions: This special Thai Yoga session treats new moms in their recovery from the transition from pregnancy to motherhood. Specifically designed out the knots in the upper back and shoulders from breastfeeeding and/or holding baby, as well as a long hip and back sequence to help adjust the pelvis and spine from the physical stresses of pregnancy. Also work with the stomach to improve muscle tone, restore hormonal balance and create a sense of emotional well being. Recommended for women 4-6 weeks postpartum. Please get a doctor’s ok before the session.

Thai Yoga Bodywork w/Ayurvedic Yoga Session - 90 or 120 min long
Therapists: Tanya Boigenzahn Sowards, RTT, E-RYT 500, CHTP & Reiki Master
Work with certified yoga teacher, Tanya Sowards, in this complimentary yoga approach that mixes the best of assisted yoga therapy from Thai Yoga Bodywork with the vast riches of yoga in one session. As you move through yoga poses, Tanya will adjust with Thai Yoga Bodywork techniques to blossom open and/or strengthen your pose. Plus gain assistance in defining a yoga practice suitable for your body and experience. We’ll explore your doshas (Ayurvedic Constitutions), vayus (pranic forces), gunas, chakras and more. Plus get knowledge on how to work with your range of motion, injuries, fears, and triumphs to create a great healing program just for you.

Member of the Thai Healing Alliance
Ethical Practices
The intention of each session is always for the client's highest good of balancing their energies of the body, mind, and spirit. All of our practitioner follow the code of ethics put out by the Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI).

Thai Yoga Bodywork Help
Improving Your Yoga Practice
Inflexibility | Rehabilitation
Neck and Back Problems
Stress Relief | Anxiety Reduction
Aches & Pain Relief | Insomnia
Range of Motion Issues
Restless Leg Syndrome
Fibromyalgia | Depression
Multiple Sclerosis (early stages)
PMS | Infertility
Pregnancy Back & Sacral Issues
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Disease Prevention
Spiritual Enhancement
General Well-Being